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Pro bono Work
NAM Law Associates is well informed of the needs of society and believes in providing service in the most effective and concrete manner for the welfare of the nation. In this regard NAM Law Associates has actively taken the initiative in the realm of pro bono work and it has become a glowing example for the contemporary law firms in endorsement of pro bono work in Pakistan .
NAM Law Associates has successfully conducted different public awareness programs and campaigns and it has also invoked the notion of public interest litigation in Pakistan . 

Efforts to Exterminate the Evil practice of BEGGING in Pakistan 

The Founder of NAM Law Associates filed a writ petition in Lahore High Court, raising the issue of rapid growth of Begging in Lahore city. The petition was forwarded under the head of Public Interest Litigation; it was contested by Mr. Syed Afzal Haider Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan on behalf of the petitioner. The honorable court on May 04, 2007, was pleased to pass the order as follows:

"After hearing learned council for the parties it is felt appropriate in the interest of justice and fair play to issue a direction to the Inspector General of Punjab Police Lahore to prepare list of handicapped beggars throughout the province of Punjab indicating their names, age, sex, nature of deformity, address of their real homes and circumstances under which they were picked by the so-called contractors……"

Stride for Human Friendly Legislation 

The team of NAM Law Associates along with law students conducted a research to ascertain the areas in which legislation is required to cope with the changing needs of society. The area in which such legislation is required is identified herewith. A walk commenced from Lahore High Court and ended at Punjab Assembly Hall. President and office bearers from the Bar Associations along with large numbers of practicing lawyers, human rights activists and students participated in this walk. 

The attention of legislature was attracted towards the following areas:

Human Rights

Hate Crimes

Child Labor

Welfare of Orphan

Crimes at Sea

E-Banking Laws

Services Oriented Legislation

Environmental Protection

Animal Protection

Road Safety Rules & Regulation

Demonstration at the White House for the Usurped Rights of The Palestinians

Palestinians are facing barbarism and cruelties at the hands of Israeli forces for many decades and are victims of state terrorism. Seeing the severity and gravity of the issue the founder of NAM Law Associates, Mr. NAFEER A. MALIK arranged a demonstration before the White House in Washington DC, USA for the rights of suffering Palestinians. This demonstration was a symbol of agitation against cruelty from an international platform and the purpose behind this was to remind the Palestinians that Pakistanis stand with them and share their grievances by condemning such brutality. 
It is an honor and pride for NAM Law Associates under the leadership of Mr. NAFEER A. MALIK, that a demonstration was conducted on an international level.